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Vibratex Magic Wand HV-265


NOTE - This unit is NOT cordless NOT rechargeable!
~ Detachable cord ~

There are a lot of Magic Wand knock-offs being sold all over eBay for an attractive low price. There is a reason for it - The quality of these inferior products will certainly disappoint you. If you buy from someone else, confirm the Magic Wand has a serial number and that it was manufactured by Vibratex, the owner of Hitachi Lifestyle Products.

The Magic Wand Plus model HV-265 is the perfect compromise for those who want a plug-in type massager and don’t want the added bells and whistles of the Magic Wand rechargeable.

This unit comes to you with a fresh design, some excellent upgrades, and the consistent power you will crave!

- 4 Speed: Low – 2,700 rpm, Medium – 3,800 rpm, High – 5,400 rpm, Ultra – 6,300 rpm
- ON/OFF button
- A plug-in adapter (included) design that can be removed for easy storage
- Smooth texture silicone head
- Size: 12 × 2.25 in
- Fits all Magic Wand Attachments

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This is a personal use item and can not be resold due to sanitary reasons.
We will not accept returns for items that are not defective.
If you receive a defective product we will gladly replace it within 30 days of sale.

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