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About Mavie

What is Mavie.?

Mavie. is a cruelty-free beauty brand that focuses on empowerment through self-discovery, self-growth, and self-love. We want to explore our uniqueness, qualities, and potentials — through makeup — together with our customers. That's why each of our collections is created to shed a positive light on daily life. We understand our inner beauty is as important as how we look, and we want to help achieve a healthy connection by encouraging everyone to let their own light shine, inside out.

Because let’s face it, don’t we all feel darn powerful and confident when we look good? For many of us, putting on makeup isn’t just about vanity, it’s about putting on your warpaint and getting ready to take charge.

Ever feel you can take on the world when you’re wearing that power lipstick? That is Mavie.

How did Mavie. start?

This is going to be a brutally honest story.

The incubation of Mavie. took place because of one tipping point: Dealing with a frustrating job in an industry that I didn’t love.

I have long been a makeup lover. As someone who is always first to try new stuff, gets unreasonably aroused browsing the dazzling hues at the store, and would oftentimes purchase the entire line of shades for certain products (I am a blush maniac), the thought of developing my own cosmetic line had popped up in my head from time to time — but always as a fantasy. In reality, I’d had steady career growth in marketing, moving upward in the corporate world. I enjoyed what I did and was comfortable — too comfortable — to stay in the zone. Until one day on a job, where I lost the autonomy of my work and realized how depressing life can be when you feel powerless and disfranchised.

Struggling with my frustration at work, the voice that had been muted for quite some time while I was collecting paychecks and living a complacent life, started turning up.

“Maybe it’s time to do something. For yourself. For your passion.”

The wake-up call rang, and I decided to take the risk to empower myself, by taking initiatives on something that I love and have dreamed about and owning it. And there goes the birth of Mavie. — a brand that focuses on empowerment and letting your own light shine, inside out.

What else?

We take pride in the quality of every product we create. These are products we'd have no hesitation to recommend to our closest family and friends.