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About Dr. Nona

Dr. Nona International was founded on August 23rd, 1994, on the front porch of Dr. Nona Kuchina and Michael Shneerson. The integral event that inspired this moment on the porch had occurred several months earlier. While working as a professor at Tel Aviv University, Dr. Nona based her research on studies by which contrary to popular belief, there is life in the Dead Sea: the Archaebacteria. This sensational discovery led her to realize her vision of producing medical cosmetic products and food supplements.


Dr. Nona Kuchina

Dr. Nona KuchinaDr. Nona Kuchina is the moving spirit and founder of the Dr. Nona Company. Discovering the life force within herself during her rough times has inspired her to established the Dr. Nona Company vision, based on the Halo Complex™ formula she had developed. Today, more than two decades later , millions of people worldwide enjoy the company products. Read more


Michael Shneerson

Michael Sneerson
Michael Shneerson is the founder and president of Dr. Nona Company. Michael’s business orientation has led the company to an international success. Michael understood the enormous potential of the Company’s products and he developed the company’s revolutionary marketing method. Read more





Dr. Nona Company

Dr. Nona Company

Dr. Nona and her team developed the breakthrough Dead Sea Halo Complex™ Formula. This exclusive formula harnesses the Dead Sea’s Archaebacteria’s extraordinary life force into our health and beauty products, these products offer unprecedented treatment and anti-aging properties.  The Archaebacteria’s remarkable attributes and the healing qualities of the Dead Sea have allowed us to produce a newgeneration of Dead Sea products.

Today, Dr. Nona products are distributed in over 40 countries through a network of 300,000 distributers. Our more than 50 advanced products and food supplements, developed by the company’s outstanding Research & Development Department, and our lucrative distribution plan laid the foundations for international success.

All of Dr. Nona International’s products are developed and produced in the innovative Lenom Clinic. Dozens of scientists, engineers, formulators and technology experts, all with vast experience in the medical and cosmetics fields, work tirelessly in Lenom Clinic’s six departments. The research and development are undertaken with the most advanced equipment currently available, and in full accordance with the strict ISO 9001and ISO GMPquality standards.

Twenty years after its founding, Dr. Nona International remains faithful to its original vision. Even after having become an international brand, Dr. Nona’s belief in nature’s authentic intelligence, combined with the company’s constant creativity, insistence on unwavering quality and desire to improve the quality of life of millions of customers and distributers around the world continue to propel the company forward even today.

Science and technology

Dr. Nona Company

Dr. Nona International’s factory is among the most advanced in its field. All of the company’s products are produced with innovative technological equipment and in accordance with the strictest quality standards (ISO 9001 and ISO GMP). Our factory team includes 60 scientists, development specialists and logistics professionals. To provide our hundreds of thousands of distributers around the world the products they require, we have set up a factory with six professional departments responsible for the entire production process, from development through distribution.

We established a factory comprised of six professional departments dedicated to the entire production process, from development through distribution, to ensure that we can provide Dr. Nona International’s hundreds of thousands of distributors with the products they need. With its three state-of-the-art assembly lines and five packaging lines, the factory operates an optimal production process around the clock. We have also built a 43,000 square foot computerized warehouse allowing for optimal storage conditions and highly effective distribution.

All products produced in our factory undergo a meticulous quality control process to ensure that they meet the strictest professional standards in the world. Under the supervision of experienced scientists and chemical engineers, the quality control departments are involved from the very first stages of the production process. It starts with development, which lasts a year, and is not complete until meticulous biological micro-tests are performed before packaging.

As part of Dr. Nona’s social and ecological philosophy, the factory takes great care to cultivate the staff and protect the environment. The factory staff enjoys a supportive working environment and excellent working conditions, with an emphasis on empowering women workers, who currently hold a majority of the company’s senior positions. As part of our efforts to minimize our environmental impact, the factory staff recycles plastic and all other non-organic materials, separates trash and refrains from animal experiments. In addition, the factory is currently being upgraded to integrate even more innovative production technologies that will minimize any ecological damage.

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