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KaraMD ProBio Amplify



COUNT:  60 capsules

RESTORE ENERGY & IMPROVE DIGESTION:  ProBio Amplify promotes good digestive flora and enzymes in the stomach, colon, and other intestines that improve your digestive health. This special formula also helps alleviate bloating, gas, and other irritable digestive problems, all while helping to reduce fatigue and increase energy. Good probiotics also support vitamin production and improve bowel regularity.

HELPS SUPPORT METABOLISM:  The Lactobacillus rhamnoses present in ProBio Amplify help you control your appetite without disrupting your immune system or making drastic changes to your diet. It works to replenish healthy gut flora that plays a very important role in metabolism, nutrition, and supporting weight management, as well as lending key support to your immune system functions and effectiveness.

IMPROVE WELLNESS AND MOOD:  Irritable digestion and other immune system problems can leave you drained and alter your mood. ProBio Amplify helps combat these symptoms that can ruin your day. Improving your digestion will help you feel like your energetic, happy, and healthy self.

DOCTOR FORMULATED:  Our ProBio Amplify supplement has been created by a knowledgeable physician whose number one goal is to help people take their health improvements into their own hands. Dr. Kara insisted on the use of natural ingredients with the correct methods, precise measurements, and strict quality control standards in this formula to promote better digestive, gut, and stomach health.

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