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Our Hands Are Our Business Card

December 24, 2018

Our Hands Are Our Business Card

Just like the face, our hands are the most vulnerable body part: cold weather, ultraviolet rays, rain, water polluted with household chemicals, and hard work affect our hand skin by the hour.

This is why our poor hands get older quickly and unwillingly betray our age. 

Luckily, hand care doesn’t require a complicated approach, special diets or plastic surgery. A series of easy procedures will be enough to make your hands look younger and prettier.

So, speaking both literally and figuratively, all is in your hands! 

Caring for the beauty of your hands is, of course, a year-round task.

The most important thing here is choosing the right hand care cream. Cosmetologists recommend stocking up on different types of creams for different purposes: moisturizing, nourishment and protection. But we are lucky! We have one outstanding cream which can replace three and, given the result, surpasses all others!

Dr. Nona’s Hand and Nail Cream acts as a moisturizing cream in indoor spaces, protecting the skin from dry heated air.

At night, it continues to function as a nourishing cream.

And when we go outside, about 30 minutes before so the cream has enough time to be absorbed, we apply it as a protective cream to reduce the impact of weather conditions!

That’s the wonderful and irreplaceable cream we have in our arsenal!

Having well-groomed hands is integral to the image of a beautiful woman.

At the same time, hand care is more than just creams and hand baths. It should also include manicure and a good-looking nail design. Hand beauty is the harmony of the whole image, which needs a complex approach. Just imagine what your hands would look like, if they had neat painted nails but rough flaky skin? Or what if your hands were smooth but with untended, dirty or chewed nails?

Even just reading about this makes you cringe and feel uncomfortable, doesn’t it? That’s why it is important to ensure complete hand care, paying attention to every detail and keeping in mind that our hands are our business card. They are what forms the first impression of us, and as we already know, you can’t make it twice!

 We offer you a list of the easiest and most essential procedures:

  1. Occasional hand care is not enough; our hands need to be looked after regularly and as carefully as our face.
  2. Caring for your wrists, don’t forget about the elbows. The skin around our elbows is especially dry and thin, requiring a daily dose of nourishing cream. Here, the Hand and Nail Cream is best applied in combination with our Dynamic Cream.
  3. Daily hand peeling will help the skin to regenerate and become smooth and elastic. Softening baths and spa procedures using aromatic oils will make your skin silkier.
  4. 2-3 times a week, our hands should be cleansed of keratinized cells using special scrubs.
  5. Once a week, give your hands a little rest: soak them in a warm bath (38-40°С) using the Quartet of Dead Sea Salts and then apply the Hand and Nail Cream or Dynamic Cream. This procedure will help maintain the skin tone, while sea salt is good for strengthening the nails.
  6. In summer, use special products with a protection filter (SPF), which prevent sunburns and dark spots.
  7. Don’t forget about using special products for nail and cuticle care.
  8. Don’t delay your visits to the beauty salon to create the perfect manicure.
  9. Keep in mind that, while artificial nails look great, it’s always worth to pay more for better quality and have it done by a trusted beautician. Only a master can do a proper nail job, using materials that do not promote fungal infections.

Choose cleaning agents that contain hand balm. At home, you can use rubber gloves to avoid contact with the chemical compounds of detergents. After taking your gloves off, apply the Hand and Nail Cream.

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