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Day Spa at Your Home!

December 21, 2018

Day Spa at Your Home!

Recently, the popularity of spa procedures has been on the rise. Any international resort will offer you the full range of these beauty treatments: hydrotherapy, massages, body wraps, mud baths, peeling etc.

Particularly successful throughout the world are the spa resorts of the Dead Sea.

Ever since Cleopatra, people have been coming here to be cured. The water of the Dead Sea helped them restore their strength, youth and beauty.

Spa therapy is such a pleasure to the body that it makes you feel born again and wish you could relive this magical experience before you even leave a spa.

Today, though, you don’t have to book a flight and go to a resort to do this!

All you need to do is choose appropriate cosmetic products and create a day spa at home. 

Spa procedures using Dr. Nona products:

For Face

Apply a thin layer of Halo Dynamic Cream to your face, massaging your ears.

Immediately afterwards, apply a thin layer of our Halo Recovering Mud Mask for face and let it dry up for 3-8 minutes before washing it off. This procedure has a delicate peeling and face-lift effect.

Finally, tap Halo Eye Care Balm into the skin around the eyes with your fingertips and apply the Halo Facial Solaris Cream along the massage lines of your face.

After facial care using Dr. Nona products, you can apply your regular daily make-up.

For Body

A relaxing bath (36.5°C water temperature) with two spoons of our Halo Bath Salts Quartet will enrich your body with Dead Sea minerals, reduce fatigue and put you in a better mood.

Here’s an easy exercise for relaxation.

Lower yourself into water, close your eyes and slowly count backwards from 100 to 1. When you reach one, imagine a landscape, environment or situation you would enjoy, dream and relax…

Ease yourself out of the procedure on the count of one, two, three (inhale deeply), four, five (open your eyes).

Then, using a rough natural sponge, rub a small amount of Halo Gel into all your body parts to improve blood circulation and then rinse it off. Just a couple of minutes of attention to your body, and your skin will be velvety and soft.

Finish the procedures by applying Halo Solaris Body Lotion.

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