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Shaving Gift Bundle for Men

CRUX Supply Co.

A great gift set bundle created by our team with items by the CRUX Supply Co!

What is in the bundle:
  1. Brushed finish, stainless steel shaving bowl
  2. Boar-bristle shaving brush with wooden handle, about 4" tall
  3. Rich-lathering shave soap made from bentonite clay, 2oz
  4. Double edge safety razor (head unscrews from handle to switch out blade), about 4" tall
  5. A classic genuine leather cover to protect the head of your safety razor - perfect for travel or everyday use
  6. Pack of 10 Derby Extra double edge blades. Long lasting, chromium-ceramic-platinum-tungsten and polymer coated blades are much more economical and environmentally friendly than cartridges. Face Scrub

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