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COUNT:  90 capsules

Multiphase Prostate Support Compound

RATED NUMBER ONE - In a famous investigation reported by [Larry King]. 157 products tested from 16 different countries and ProstaGenix finished first!

KEY INGREDIENT - The ProstaGenix has America’s top-rated urologist calling it the “single best product he has seen in 40 years” is because of our proprietary blend of Beta-Sitosterol from the Landes, Forest in France. No other company has it. No one can reverse engineer it. It all start’s here, and this is why we will always be number one – and why you are about to say goodbye to your aging prostate issues.
  - Beta-Sitosterol
  - Quercetin
  - Grape Seed Extract
  - Pomegranate
  - Vitamin & Mineral Complex

Supplement Facts of their ingredients. You will see it contains a nice mixture of vitamins and minerals that help maintain and promote prostate health, but it also has a very smart blend of polyphenols. Specifically, grape seed extract, pomegranate extract, and quercetin. All three of these ingredients have been the subject of impressive published clinical studies. (See label image for detail)

- Dramatically less urinary urgency and fewer visits to the restroom both day and night. Return to strong flow, complete emptying.
- The real reason you should try ProstaGenix is that it is going to end your nagging prostate issues that are dominating your life.
- You would give anything to sleep through the night. To not have to worry about running to a bathroom all day.
- How great would it be to stand in the men’s room and fully empty your bladder? And what about getting your sexual health back on track? Better prostate health means your sex life comes roaring back!

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