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Docolor Tropical Makeup Brushes Set


NEW! design brushes from Docolor

Confidence increases happiness, Docolor Tropical Makeup Brushes helps you create a confident look, the brushes set meets all your needs with different shapes brushes.

Professionally designed, made with HIGH-QUALITY, smooth and soft hypoallergenic premium synthetic fibers brushes.
No hair shedding!
It can pick up cosmetic makeup powders efficiently without waste.

Guaranteed vegan and cruelty-free!

The set includes:

  1. Powder Brush
  2. Foundation Brush
  3. Contour Brush
  4. Blush Brush
  5. Highlight Brush
  6. Blending Brush
  7. Blending Brush
  8. Pencil Brush
  9. Shader Brush
  10. Eyeshadow Brush
  11. Eyeshadow Brush
  12. Lip Brush
  13. Eyebrow Brush
  14. Fan Brush

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